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October 4, 2018

Parent Teacher Conferences

October 10, 2018

Picture Retakes

October 10, 2018


October 11, 2018

4 Year Planning Night for 9th Graders, 6-8:30

October 26, 2018

Career Fair



teen leadership summit

Don't miss this yea's Teen Leadership Summit October 13th! The summit is is for middle and high school student leaders who want to see and affect change in their community. This year's guest speaker is Jose Cordon helping teen find strength in spoken word.


The Vacaville Unified School District Board of Trustees will consider a resolution declaring the intent to transition from an at-large election system to a by-trustee area election system for the members of the governing board. The public meeting will be held on Thursday, September 20, 2018 at 6:30 PM at the Educational Services Center located at 401 Nut Tree Road in Vacaville.


Currently, the seven members of the VUSD Board of Trustees are elected under an “at-large” election system, in which all voters residing within school district boundaries vote for each member. In August 2018, the District received a demand letter from the law firm Shenkman & Hughes, demanding that the District change its method of election to a by-district (or by-trustee) system in compliance with the California Voting Rights Act (Elec. Code, § 14025, et seq.) (“CVRA”) or risk being sued by the firm. This is the same law firm that challenged the City of Vacaville’s election system, which led the City Council to vote unanimously to move away from at-large elections.


Under the CVRA, at-large elections are impermissible if they result in racially polarized voting or cause disenfranchisement of voters from a protected class. The only election system that provides VUSD complete protection from a CVRA claim is a “by-trustee area” election system. A by-trustee election system would require that voting districts be established within the Vacaville Unified School District boundaries. Each trustee must then reside within the designated voting district boundary, and trustees would then be elected only by the voters from the voting district in which the trustee resides. 


When a public agency receives this type of demand letter, the agency is given 45 days to demonstrate its intent to transition to by-trustee area elections.  If the VUSD does not adopt a resolution signaling its intent to transition from at-large to by-trustee area board elections within this 45 day “safe harbor window,” the law firm, or any other plaintiff, may file a lawsuit against the District under the CVRA. 


Superintendent Jane Shamieh commented, “Valid and reasonable points can be made on both sides of the discussion for at-large versus by-trustee area elections systems. However, a CVRA claim is very difficult to defend against and can result in extensive legal expenses. We do all that we can to preserve funds so that they can be used for students.  These are some of the reasons that the Board will be considering adopting the resolution of intention to change election systems.” 


The Vacaville Unified board will hear from the public and consider whether or not to adopt a resolution declaring the intent to transition from at-large to by-trustee area Board elections on September 20th. The public is invited to attend and make public comment during the meeting. Residents can also provide comments to


There's still room in fall sessions of Parent Project Junior (Loving Solutions) and Parent Project Senior.  These classes are offered as part of our ongoing partnership with the Vacaville Police Department/FIRST division. Join the more than 500,000 parents who've attended these classes nationwide.  For parents by parents!   


Each 10-week class is specifically geared towards parents of challenging, strong-willed and/or destructive children.  While there is an upfront cost, there are scholarships available and for parents completing the courses, we have a surprise in store for you!  Please feel free to post, share and distribute these flyers to anyone who might be interested.


Parent Project Jr (Loving Solutions) is specifically for parents of children ages 5-10 years old.  Strategies can be adapted to children younger than 5.  Monday Nights 6-8:30pm starting Sept 10th.  Topics covered include: 

  • Parenting the Strong-Willed Child
  • Parental Influence
  • Encouraging Positive Choices
  • Redirecting Negative Choices
  • Structuring for Success
  • Improving School Performance
  • Concrete Solutions for Tough Kids
  • Sleep, Diet & Behavior
  • Staying the Course
  • Recognizing and Supporting Success

Parent Project Sr is specifically for parents of children ages 10+.  This is perfect for parents of pre-teens and teens (and maybe even our adult children).  Tuesday nights from 6-9pm starting Sept 11th.  Topics include:

  • Understand our Children
  • Addressing Problematic Behavior
  • A Parent's Formula for Success
  • Adolescent Drug Use
  • The Out-of-Control Child
  • Cornering Relationships & Developing Action Plans
  • Finding Help & Support
  • The Dynamics of Change
  • Managing Conflict in the Home
  • Active Listening

Dinner is provided on week 1 and week 10 in both classes.  The remaining weeks, participants get creative with our dining options.


We hope to see you out to these nationally acclaimed classes and appreciate you sharing this information with the community.  These classes are open to any interested parents in the community and they do not have to reside in Vacaville or be foster/adoptive/relative caregivers.