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Understanding the Forms




*Seeking approval for an activity or fundraiser should never be a last minute procedure.  This form should be completed at least 2 weeks before you desire to do your activity or fundraiser.


#1:  If you do not have an account number, you most likely have no account.  To create an account, you will need to complete all of the necessary club/organization paperwork (see activities director).  You will also need to complete a GREEN requisition sheet, requesting a new account to be set up in your Club/organizations name.



a.     Check the Fundraiser box ONLY if your purpose is to raise funds through sales. (i.e. shirts, bumper stickers, concessions, etc)

b.     Check the fundraiser box AND the Activity box If you are planning an activity that will result in the raising of funds (i.e. car wash, spaghetti feed, face painting, drama play, film festival, etc.)

c.     Check the Activity box ONLY if you are having an activity Only.  This means that there are no funds being raised at the activity.

#3:  The Date(s) that you give is the date that you wish to have your fundraiser or activity on.  If the date(s) that you give conflict with other fundraisers or activities, your ORANGE request may not be approved.  If you give an alternative date(s), then, if your first date does not work, the alternative date may (if no conflict occurs)be approved.  It is not mandatory to have an alternative date.


#4 Location:  Be specific as to where you will have the event.  Name, place, etc.

*Facilities Request:  Pay special attention to the need for a Facilities Request if you plan to use any facility at Buckingham.  Please obtain this form from Vicki, complete it and return it to Vicki for approval.  If you do not have a facilities request approved and on file with Vicki, your fundraiser or activity will be cancelled.


#5:  The time is not when it officially starts, it is when you start setting up and when you have cleaned up and are ready to go home. 


#6:  General Public means that ANYONE on the face of the Earth is allowed to attend your activity or fundraiser..


#7:  Sometimes at a fundraiser or activity student clubs/organizations want people from the outside to speak, perform or help.  Due to legal concerns, if this is the case with your fundraiser or activity, you MUST seek administrative approval before completing this form for approval.


#8:  Think about your activity or fundraiser:  How many people will be attending?  Give an approximation.  This is important because the facility/location that you request must be appropriate for the amount of attendees you think may come. 


#9:  Please be specific.  No generic responses.  If you need to attach an explanation to the ORANGE form, feel free to do so. 

#10:  PINK Revenue/Expense Report:  Before you do any fundraiser you must thoroughly think through all of the potential expenses and revenue. The completed PINK FORM (Potential side only)  must be attached to this ORANGE request form.  If this is not compete and attached, your request will be denied.


*Signatures:  The advisor must sign and a student representative (preferably President/Captain) of the club/organization must sign.