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Solano College Special Admissions

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Some courses may satisfy entrance criteria for the University of California and California State University.  Students earning enough transferable college units through the educational partnership program may be eligible to enter colleges and universities as a community college transfer student rather than high school graduate.

Some classes may have limited enrollment for high school students.  Solano Community College (SCC) reserves the right to exclude or limit high school enrollment in classes where health, safety, instructional methodology, faculty constraints or legal requirements are deemed inappropriate for high school students.  Special admission students must conform to SCC's academic rules, regulations and code of conduct.  Students with California residency status may be exempt from paying the California community college enrollment fee.  Students shall be granted credit for coursework successfully completed at a community college or state college provided that the student makes a written application for credit.  

Enrollment procedure for special admissions:

1.     Pick up SCC catalog and select classes.

2.     Complete the standard SCC application online.

3.     Pick up a “Special Admission” application from the front desk at BCMHS or online at the Solano website.  Fill it out completely, and return it to the BCMHS front desk for administrative and counselor signature.  Students must complete the application BEFORE submitting the Special Admission form. 

4.     Turn in the signed form to the Admissions and Records Office at SCC.

5.     Register for classes by telephone or online, using the priority schedule listed in the SCC catalog.

6.     After completion of the class, an “official” college transcript must be submitted to the BCMHS registrar to earn high school credit. 

7.     High school credit is only given to students for coursework completed once they have started their 9th grade year.  Parents/students are responsible for providing the BCMHS registrar with an official transcript from ROP, SCC, or any other special program for which BCMHS grants high school credit. 

To receive credit on your high school transcript for any courses taken through the special program listed above must be approved by a BCMHS Administrator and Counselor prior to enrolling.

Solano Community College (SCC) Courses and High School Equivalents

Here is a brief list of SCC courses that will be accepted by BCMHS and their high school course equivalents.  Courses not on this list may be approved per counselor discretion.  BCMHS students may enroll at SCC with prior approval of their school (principal/counselor) and/or parent/guardian. To qualify, a student must be earning a 2.0 GPA to be approved.   Under the Special Admissions Program, high school credit is given to students who successfully complete a course and who provide the BCMHS registrar with an official transcript. For more information visit SCC online at www.solano.cc.ca.us. Credit for SCC courses is only given for courses taken while a student is enrolled at BCMHS. The following suggested classes satisfy high school course requirements. Other classes will satisfy elective credits as approved by the counselor and administrator. 

General College Equivalency:            College Units            High School Credits

                                                       1 semester unit                3 credits

                                                       1.5 semester units           5 credits

                                                       2 semester units              7 credits

                                                       3 semester units              10 credits

                                                       4 semester units              13 credits

                                                       5 semester units              17 credits