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English 10-2P
English 11-1P
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Current Assignments
English 11 P

Quasimester Vocab

Your grade on this assignment will be determined by how many words you master on during the current Quasimester.  Every four words you master will be worth one point for this assignment:


A = 200 Words Mastered

B= 160 Words Mastered

C= 140 Words Mastered 

F= 139 Words Mastered and below

Assigned: 10/20/20 Category: Formative Assessments Points: 50 Due: 12/17/20

Origin Myths Review and Assess

Complete the questions on Page 14 (the last page) of the attached .pdf. Your responses need to be thorough and complete sentences. You can skip question number 2, as we'll do that one together as a class.

Assigned: 10/22/20 Category: Formative Assessments Points: 10 Due: 10/26/20

Flocab List: Transformation

Please have this list mastered before class on Friday, Oct. 30th!

Assigned: 10/23/20 Category: Formative Assessments Points: 20 Due: 10/30/20
English 11-2P
English 12-2P