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Monica Buescher Locker

Monica Buescher

What I Do Here

  • English 10 Teacher
  • Site Technology Coordinator
  • English Department Representative on Leadership Team
  • AP Coordinator
  • AP Psychology Teacher
  • VOLA Teacher
  • BCAL Instructional Manager
  • WASC Coordinator
  • School Librarian
  • Nurse Ambassador Club Supervisor
  • School Data Coordinator
English 10 P

About Mrs. Buescher

Hello! I graduated from UC Davis with a credential in Social Studies.  I got married in June 2011 and spent a year as an admissions advisor for National University, then added an English authorization to my credential and eagerly joined the Buckingham staff in 2012!  Outside of school, I love outdoor adventures with my husband and dog -- hiking, camping, whitewater rafting, etc.  I also enjoy reading, cooking, and a night of video games when the occasion permits. :)  Most of all, I want to prepare and empower students as they take their places in the world.  Lastly, a fun fact about myself... I was raised on an ostrich ranch in northern Oregon!  How's that for an upbringing? :) 

Grammar Man, the Hero of English 10!
Grammar Man, the Hero of English 10!