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Good times with Aladdin
Good times with Aladdin
Aladdin Memories
Aladdin Memories
Aladdin Memories
Aladdin Memories
Blithe Spirit Memories 2019

Sandy Wright

Addams Family 2020

Congratulations to cast and crew: 

Gomez - Xathanael Todd

Morticia - Hannah Whitenight

Wednesday - Macey Cook

Pugsley - Richard Lasslo

Fester - Rhodes Bautista

Grandma - Kyleigh Quick

Lurch - Josh Cline

Mal - Sam Hodrick

Alice - Olivia Godinez

Lucas - Jack Fletcher

Ancestors: (Alphabetically) Sarah Anderson, Alaini Brummer, Anna Butcher, Quinn Chapin, Star Current, Allyson Freckmann, Trinity Garrido, Trinitee Hatch, Caden Hiteshew, Elza Jakovlova, Natalia Mendez, Byron Moore, Perris O'Neil, Gia Pitts, Ash Roberson, Shane Nicole Sheppard, Rigel Sy, Makaylah Turner Sweeney, Marc Velasquez, Kennedy Williams

Crew: Shaylah Davis - Assistant Director, Zoe Brown - Stage Manager, Perris O'Neil - Choreographer, Kennedy Williams, Dance Captain, Sarah Mayne ,Costumer, Noah Loehr, Props, Erica White, Make-up

Danielle Ganter, Anna Glynn, Kaia Jara, Nik Juarez, Jules Kruse, Ash Roberson, and Anthony White

Special Thanks Jeremey Kreamer -Music Direction, Wendy White -Set Design, Dan Quick -Set Construction

January 9th thru the 11th 2020

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Addams Family!  This show is crazy fun, can't wait until you see it. 

Support Drama Club come to the Cabaret!
Come to the Cabaret 11/9 6PM
Aladdin 2019

Aladdin was an amazing experience starring Xathanael Todd as Aladdin. We owe a debt of gratitude for your hard work and leadership, it takes a strong and gentle leader to guide 47 other actors around the stage.  My staging never looked so wonderful!  All of the cast and crew worked hard to produce a gorgeously entertaining show!  Congratulations! Watch our production or check out photos here!


Amazing Drama Club Crew
Amazing Aladdin Crew
Congratulations to Aladdin Cast and Crew
Congratulations to Aladdin Cast and Crew
Ms. Wright
This year is my fifteenth year teaching and fifth year at BCMHS.
Aladdin Memories
Aladdin Memories